I am a Cape Town based musician, composer, songwriter and producer.

Over the last decade I have written and performed music across a wide range of genres while involved in multiple projects, working with some of the most talented musicians, sound engineers and film directors along the way.

These projects required a range of skills, from writing melodies, scoring to pictures, remixing commercial releases and creating sound effects.

All music and lyrics on the site is original work, written and produced by me. Here you will find samples from my more recent projects as well as a few timeless pieces written a lifetime ago.



I currently have tracks signed to labels from across the globe…from New York, LA, Sweden, Italy, London and even Russia.

I have also included a selective video gallery with a few examples from the numerous sound-to-picture projects which I have worked on. These can be found on the Gallery page, just below the images.

Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to know more about my work or chat about music, sound, gardening or anything in between.