Acoustic Folk Lyrics

Words and Music – Derek Eyden


Cold freezing right through

deep inside

Where your soul resides in it’s place

And the home that you’ve made for yourself

Is just an empty room in outer space

Cos you hold onto things that ignite

You blind yourself, blister your face

Consumed with the hurt that soon flows

All over you


Don’t be the fool 

Who just never wins

Always so close

Never beyond

Try and be stronger

Just let it in

And you’ll soon be loved

Hey we’ll all be one


The sky clouds and it shadows your smile

You’re caught in the trap that’s been set

Especially for you

All the while

You’re all tangled in your own net

Cos this world that surrounds won’t allow you

To take what you want and just let

You walk through this passage unscather

So listewn here


Don’t be the fool…




In a world of wonder

Where the magic flows

Heart beats pound like thunder

As excitement grows

Wild imagination

Lucid fantasy

Love is pure elation

When it’s you and me

We are gently bound

Forever hold my gaze

We are spinning round

Stars align

They guide our way

There’s no point in trying to reason with your fate

We have all we need

Take me now before it’s too late

Look Here

Love is in your hands

Many of us bide our time

Hoping for someone dear

Someone to hold onto

Just a whisper to an ear

When the light starts fading

And we fear the darkest night

Just tell me where you want me baby

I’ll never leave your side


Look Here…



Locomotive, just a steam train

Through a brick wall

Divides your brain

Aspiration will consume you

Hold your hands up

Let it feel you

As you call out

They can hear you

Just don’t fall short

It’ll pierce


The images of Sunday

Lurking just beyond

An avalanche of mundane

A futile cold response


Comfort thought you

Whisper quietly to yourself

Let you be free

Hold you gun up

Let them fear you

Theres a warning as you shoot through

In an office, on a platform

Let the colour get you through


The images of Sunday…


Stop, where are you going

Don’t be so sad

Things could be worse

I know they have been bad

But colouring by numbers

Is much easier than oils almost everyday

You’ve got to stay close

Don’t let them hurt you

I love you the most

I swear, only you

Just let me know you’re home and I’ll be there

Right away


Just don’t cry

cos you know that I love you

More thanI should

So why would you

Want it to be this way


Trying hard to understand the reasons we argue

Never solving problems is a failing

Because you will always carry everything

Returning to the faulst of yesterday

A decision in time

And eternally you’r emine

An individuals argument can never work in time

Oh take me far away I’ll go anywhere you want to stay


Just don’t cry…


I can feel the tides we should ride on

Baby hold me tight if they get too strong

If you give me time

I’ll choose the right one

So bear with me

Before you were here

I was all alone

I’d while away days on my own

At night I’d dream you were in my arms

There with me

Bare with me


If all you want is love

And all ll you need is time

I’ll give you all I have

And hope that forever you’ll be mine

A light in the dark

To always shine

Open arm to hold you

Until the end of time