Ballad Lyrics

Words and Music – Derek Eyden


I know I said I love you

I know you feel the same way too

But we just cant

Seem to get through

You come to me, crying

We’ree all at sea

And fading fast

Can we hurt eachother any more?


Will we try?

Will we fail?

Waiting on love to deliver it’s final betrayel

Will we try?

Will we fail?

You never know love

This sime we just might prevail


I know I said I love you…


Oh love

Oh why don’t we just sit and stay a while

Feel the wind blow

Through the window

On my face


I was born to sit in silenceand be with you

I could stay like this all day 

Just being with you


As the sun hits your face

How it lights up this place

I feel calm and at ease

With you here

Next to me

We’ve got time

You should stay

I could stay like this all day

Oh love…


I can feel the tides we should ride on

Baby hold me tight if they get too strong

If you give me time

I’ll choose the right one

So bear with me

Before you were here

I was all alone

I’d while away days on my own

At night I’d dream you were in my arms

There with me

Bare with me


If all you want is love

And all ll you need is time

I’ll give you all I have

And hope that forever you’ll be mine

A light in the dark

To always shine

Open arm to hold you

Until the end of time