Pop Lyrics

Words and Music – Derek Eyden


I saw you at the window

You pretending not to notice me, too

I wonder if you’re still

The one who rather be alone

Against your better will

I saw you there

Wishing for another

One to fill a lonely night

Ripples over water

Waiting for a lover


I’m dreaming of rainbows

Clouds floating inside my head

My heart rate up

In the middle of the night

Reeling from a dream

Holding you tight

I felt you there

I’m dreaming of rainbows…


Don’t stop it now

We’re opening closed doors

There’s so much more inside

Let’s talk it out

I don’t want you to go home

I want you to stay tonight

With me

I could be the other one to fill a lonely night

You’ll see ripples over water

Let me show you love


I’m dreaming of rainbows….


Hey there rider

I’ve been waiting for you now

Waiting for your call

Hoping that you message

Anything at all

I feel stupid

Opening my heart to you

I’m just hoping

That you want me too


I’m so tired of hiding

I just cant deny your love – deep inside of me

I keep waiting silently

For you to come around – stop and come around



Just say you love me

and I’ll be the one

we’ll be forever

that it has begun

and I’ll hold my world

I’ll wait here just for you

 Help me decide

cos Im still confused

Don’t break my heart

I don’t want to be used

and I’ll hold my world

I’ll wait here just for you


Come on into my world

I’ll show you all I have

Nothing in here will ever bring you harm

Oh no

If you just let me in

My world will be all yours


Lonely nights   –   Waiting by the window

I keep looking out for you – birds they come to call

Sleepless dreams – what do they mean

When I wake

My heart beating like a Taiko/Djembe drum

How can I say – words have gone

Things that don’t make sense to me – what is going on

When you look my way – I feel faint

Everything goes hazy

Boy you drive me crazy


I’m so tired of hiding

I just can’t deny your love

I keep waiting silently 

For you to come around

Stop and come around


 Just say you love me…


If you could show me just a little sign

I’ll show you what I have in store

Ive been watching you from over here

If you just knock once upon my door

All your dreams will come true


Just say you love me…


Now the words are running dry

But I don’t want to end the night

And I can see that you’re inclined to keep your feelings all inside

I don’t know if I belong

Or if I’m just another song

Where you skip the verse and head straight into the chorus line


If I take your hand and tell you how I’m feeling

Will you push me back and tell me that I ought to stay away

I can’t read the situation, now I’m reeling

Guess I’ll have to keep it in for

Another day


We get lost in conversation

I don’t really find the time to mention

How I really feel

Is it even real?

Will I ever see this come around?

Moments pass in hesitation

Trying to meet your eyes/make your eyes

Look in my direction

Could you/this be the one?

Have I got it wrong?

Am I just the lonely singer of another song?


How am I understand

Reason seldom shows it’s hand

My mind’s hazy baby

I’ve been up alone with you all night

It’s not like me to fall right through

But I lose my nerve when I’m with you

When the wheel turns

I just can’t kick into overdrive

So if you feel it just the slightest

Please don’t resist

We can pick this up tomorrow girl

I won’t fade away

But if you had to choose

A song from your playlist

Could it be the one I sing for you

Here today


We get lost in conversation…


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You stand alone

Cos you doubt what it all means 

And you flout your destiny

 Always stalling 

You become prone

To the actions that don’t

Really show the you I love

The one I’ve come to know

 Delayed we’re wasting precious time


Your heart is pure



Love vision

Ignites above the earth

Guides you through the night

Know that you can do

Anything you set out to do

Don’t let yourself down

Walk on with love

You will return

It’s there all the time

Keeps you warm inside

Safe at night

Let it thrive and we wont be denied


Courage of heart

The will to be

Discard everything

Cos love is all you need


Dont be alarmed now

We’re almost home

In the harmony we share

Hope will rise above despair

 In deed


Love vision

Ignites above the earth

Follow in the light

Know that you can do

Anything you set out to do

Don’t let yourself down


Walk on through the night

You will return

With all of your might

You must learn your way

Find your path

Take control of where you are now


Don’t let yourself down now


Love is king

Love will bring you everything

Love relieves the suffering

Open up to the love above


Love is king

Love will bring you everything